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What if...

  • You could stick to your health, weight & fitness goals?

  • You could enjoy the foods you love and not feel guilty?

  • You could reach & maintain your goal weight?

  • You could improve your sleep & wake up feeling refreshed?

  • You could feel confident and comfortable in your appearance?

  • You could learn to enjoy exercise?

  • You could have loads of energy?

  • You could find the time in your busy schedule?

  • You had a coach who listened & gave you valuable feedback?

The diets/plans I've tried are unsustainable!

When I've had success in the past it's never lasted!

I can't find time due to being stressed and busy!

I lack energy throughout the day!

I give up when it gets challenging as I have no accountability!

My sleep is broken, I over-eat & find myself super-stressed!

Sound familiar..?

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And that's where I come in...

Hi, I am T

I'm a health & fitness coach, I'm passionate about working with women to help them in their everyday life to look and feel their best. I'm 56:

  • Pelvic floor issues - healed myself.

  • Menopause - been there, done that

  • Overweight - Not anymore!


Now it's my turn to help & support you..

Why choose me?

  • I will personally coach you to the best results of your life.

  • The plan focuses heavily on 1 to 1 sessions to ensure you are getting the best advice and feel that personal service. 

  • I only take on 3 clients at a time to make sure I can give them my undivided attention and provide them with the best tips and guidance.

  • You will receive full accountability through each aspect of your life: Mindset, Nutrition, Fitness, Accountability & Self-Care so that you keep on track and get sustainable results

  • I am 100% results-driven, your goals are my goals!

  • I will personally work to ensure you feel comfortable & confident throughout this entire process

  • I have qualifications & experience in Nutrition, Mental Health, Menopause, Pelvic Floor, Health & Fitness with 15 years of experience helping people to reach their goals

  • I am not just your average coach, I am passionate, committed & have the expertise to help you reach your goals


Lets talk!

On the call, we will get to know more about where you are at right now, get a feel for what you’re looking for & more about your goals.


At the end of the call, 1 of 2 things will happen: We will either be a perfect fit, & I will extend an invitation to work with me as one of my clients...


Or if it is not such a good fit, that’s totally ok too. There will not be any hard feelings & NO obligations on your part - I will suggest something else you can do to achieve your goals & point you in the right direction


To book an initial call, please click the button below and book an appointment in my Calendly booking system.